For the past 10 years, Central Bank has been highly ranked in Utah Valley’s “Best Of” awards. This year they took this contest all the way to the bank, ranking first in three of our categories: Best Bank, Best Mortgage and Best Company to Work For. With a story that starts once upon a time in 1891, this independent community bank has figured out all the checks and balances of running a strong company. 

Best Bank 

   With 130 years of history, Central Bank has proven its loyalty to customers, employees and Utah County as a whole in times of financial insecurity, as well as through economic booms. 

   Lori Pullan, self-directed retirement services manager, says this has been accomplished by remaining an independent bank. Central Bank executives are able to make decisions quickly, personally and in whichever way they deem best for the clients and the bank.

   “We aim to create a working culture built around loyalty, a sense of family and providing top-notch experience to our customers,” Lori says. 

Best Mortgage 

   Utahns are scrambling to submit offers for each house that comes on the market. One of the key factors in this housing hussle is low mortgage rates. Central Bank says their fair mortgage rates simply go back to maintaining a symbiotic relationship within Utah Valley.

   “We are part of the community — as our community and customers grow and succeed, we grow and succeed,” says Tyler Heaps, VP mortgage manager. “Our mortgage lending efforts are geared to help the people of our community get affordable mortgage loans in a quick, convenient way.” 

   Central Bank’s efforts to get Utah families into homes doesn’t stop there. Central Bank says they pride themselves on making everything about a mortgage easy and convenient — from the application process to the underwriting — and ensure customers are viewed on a personal, unique level. 

    “We realize every borrower has a different background and different needs, so we do our best to listen to those needs and then recommend loan products that would best fit their situation,” Tyler says. 

Best Company to Work For

   “Be good to each other” is a simple, yet effective statement for the employees at Central Bank.  

   “It’s not just a phrase,” says Jenny Bressler, Central Bank training manager. “It’s a way of life at Central Bank, and it’s crucial that this mantra starts with leadership. It helps create the sense of family by treating one another with dignity and respect.”

    The phrase is often repeated by Central Bank President Mark Packard and flows from the top down to each of their employees. Once every employee has had a positive and enjoyable experience within the company, Central Bank believes it will lead to positive interactions with customers. Outside-of-work activities, recognition, awards, family involvement and feedback are all a part of what makes Central Bank’s culture the best of Utah Valley. 

   “Central Bank is the best company to work for because the company, people and leadership genuinely care about the employees,” Mark says. “We understand our employees are our most valuable asset — they are people with talents, families and desires to grow. Every employee brings something unique to the company, and we embrace and celebrate that.”

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