Voted as the best kept secret in Utah Valley is none other than the Alpine Poppy Fields. The landscape — a combination of bright red poppy flowers sprouting among lush green fields — is perfectly accented by the distant snow-capped mountains. And don’t forget your camera! Photographer or not, the beautiful landscape ensures any moment is a Kodak moment. (Does anyone under age 25 know what that means?)  

Timeframe True to their secretive nature, poppy flowers only bloom for about four weeks. Be sure to head up to the fields between May and early June to see the beautiful blossoms. 

Location Getting there is the hardest part. We recommend starting your adventure near the LDS Church parking lot at 1125 N. Alpine Blvd., Alpine. From there, grab your tennies! Although the trail is child-friendly, the one-mile round trip hike on a lowly elevated dirt trail can be hard to follow. When in doubt, ask an Alpine local to guide you to Utah’s Best Kept Secret. 

UV Mag Tip Because of its photo-esque scenery and short lifespan, the Alpine Poppy Fields are popular (just check Instagram during the zenith of these flowers). Photographers often head up in the evening, so go early to avoid the crowds! If you are hoping to take advantage of golden hour along with the masses, be courteous. There are enough beautiful shots to go around. 

Did you know?  The red poppy flower was used to symbolize remembrance of the WWI soldiers who died protecting our freedom. 

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