Soaplicity grew in the basement of a frustrated consumer to become a popular natural solution to skincare


It started with the allergic reactions Roshan Richards and her family were having to the fragrances and artificial dyes in their skincare products.

   “I had become extremely frustrated with not being able to find facial, bath and body products that were truly all-natural, to help with the allergic reactions and skin issues my family members and I were experiencing,” says Roshan Richards, owner and artisan of Soaplicity in Pleasant Grove.

   In her gut, she knew the key to healthier skin was to get closer to nature. So, she set out to find products that fit the bill.

   “After spending untold amounts of money on commercial products with no improvement, I decided I would make the products myself,” Roshan says.

   Roshan has never been afraid of diving in and doing her own research on things and that’s just what she did. She learned all she could about the therapeutic properties of butters, oils, clays, herbs and essential oils. Then, she and her husband, Tom, turned their basement into a product development lab.

   Her first successful cold-process soap product, Oasis, cleared her son’s psoriasis in a matter of days. That is when the basement turned into a production facility and she started selling her products at farmers markets and trade shows.

   “As it turned out, many people were looking for truly all-natural facial, bath and body products, too,” Roshan says.

   Since then, Soaplicity has moved out of the basement and into a space on Main Street in Pleasant Grove and has a wide range of products including best sellers like the Euphoria Facial Bar (Soaplicity’s top seller) and the Time Warp Facial Scrub.

   The quality of Soaplicity’s products and service have led it to be named a winner of Utah Valley Magazine’s “Best of” contest for specialty boutique.

   To learn more about Soaplicity or to order products, visit soaplicity.com.


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