Local goodies everyone can agree on


This graduation issue of Utah Valley Magazine is the perfect place to discover what teens and parents agree on. Hint! It’s FOOD!

   If you’re looking for a way to connect, break bread and spend time with your teen or graduate, then one of these places may be the perfect place, as these legacy food stops are loved by both generations.

BETOS There are lots of reasons to love this place. First, they have several locations. Second, they use really good fresh ingredients. Third, their chicken burrito has tons of chicken and no fillers. Fourth, they are open late. And … duh, it’s MEXICAN!

SWIG Every time I look at those in line at a Swig, I’m never sure if there are more teens or adults! Swig is the original home of the “dirty soda,” and in a state that may be low on alcohol consumption, we are really high on soda consumption! With almost 50 selections of mixed beverages, there really is something for everyone at Swig where you can share drinks while creating a fun date with your teenager.

CRUMBL Oh yeah … now we’re talking! Who doesn’t love a Crumbl cookie!? This cookie sensation was started right here in Utah and now has over 77 nationwide locations. I am a cookie-maker and love to do this with my family, but even I admit to giving in to these tempting delights that can even be delivered warm to your door — in an iconic pink box! Here’s how you get your teenager to spend time with you. Explain that with almost 800 calories in a full size cookie, you really can’t eat one all by yourself and you need their help eating the other half. Cut the delicious cookie in half, and let the good conversations roll!

IN ‘N OUT BURGER Even though this one is not headquartered locally, it truly gets a 10-gun salute from me as a national food icon. They began in California in 1948 and finally opened their first store in Utah in 2008. They have 335 locations in 6 states. This growth was fueled by the same thing that brings both young and old back again and again today. Quality burger, fresh cut fries, affordable price, cooked when you order, and very fast service even with the mile long line. Ask your graduate to get burgers with you and ensure you will have some quality time in the car as you talk about how legacy and commitment to principles brings sustained growth.

Until next time, enjoy one of these Utah County favorites and share some love!


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