Utah Valley’s Own Coachella


   Music, art and good food are the ingredients of a community in tune with the good life. With the post-pandemic calendar coming alive, the arts are ready to take center stage. And center fork.

   On June 19, Fork Fest is bringing together 29 bands, three stages, and hundreds of attendees.

   Harrington Center for the Arts, located in American Fork, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to producing and celebrating diverse talent in our community. In 2018, HCA had the funding in place to produce a special concert.

   “We realized supporting just one or two bands wasn’t enough. With how amazing the Utah music scene is, we wondered why there wasn’t a music festival focused on Utah-grown bands,” says Summerisa Stevens, president of HCA and co-festival director with her husband, Steven. “We started doing research and saw there had actually been several attempts, and there was one in 2010 that caught our eye — Fork Fest.”

   The HCA founders tracked down the first verse of Fork Fest and worked with the original creators — Velour owner Corey Fox and musician Joshua James — to re-create the music festival in 2018. 

   This year’s verse of Fork Fest includes a musical festival with bands playing back-to-back, food trucks, and a transformed Art Dye Park.

   “From noon to 10:30 p.m., bands will be playing on the three stages,” Summerisa says, “These bands with Utah ties are close knit. Many have left the state and toured the world, and so it feels like a family reunion backstage.”

   In addition to the live music, there will be an art tent along with 50 vendors selling an array of vintage clothing, handmade items, art, and unique finds.

   Thanks to Runtastic, there will also be a foam machine cranking all day.

   Visit forkfest.org for more information on the June 19 event.


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