We have all dreamed of the moment we can step into our own personalized, custom-built home. From the type of flooring, to a particular paint color, to the design of the house — the homeowner’s personal touch is obvious throughout.

   While dreams might be tampered by the uproar of the Utah housing market (*sigh* it’s hard to be voted as the best state to live in) there is hope of getting into a new home even now. We sat down with Kellie Little, VP of marketing for Fieldstone Homes, to answer questions about the home-building process.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to build in today’s market?

Kellie: It is a great time to build a new home in any location across the Wasatch Front. There are many benefits of building a new home. New homes are more efficient than ever before and are available with better design options. They are more playful and gorgeous at the same time. The benefits of a new home over an existing home are endless, but it’s worth comparing before taking the plunge. 

Tips on building a house for the first time?

Kellie: Do your research including what design you like so it’s a smooth process at the design studio. Start with the lifestyle and determine what works for you. Drive around cities and get to know the communities, including the architecture and streetscapes. Visit model homes and see what your first impression is in the design, look and feel. Dig into the finances up-front to avoid disappointment so you don’t fall in love with a home you don’t qualify for. Remember, there are tax benefits with home ownership you can’t claim when renting. 

UV Mag: “Tips on preparing to build your forever home?

Little: “Regardless of your budget and location, your forever home can be fabulous.  When building a new home you get all new systems, cabinets, flooring, walls, roofing and every detail can be as on trend as you want. The look and feel are absolutely all about you! Building a forever home can seem more stressful because you think it’s forever. Keep in mind you get the advantages of a new home, and you can still make changes as time passes. One of the benefits of a forever home is you have typically lived in other homes and have learned the things that matter most to you. Instead of getting lost in opinions, you can focus on things that compliment a fulfilling lifestyle and the design of your new home can influence that tranquility. Enjoy the process.” 

UV Mag: “What are the architectural trends right now?

Little: “There are so many design styles right now that look amazing. Home buyer demands are widespread in architectural styles, so there are a lot of trending options.  Craftsman design with mixed vertical and horizontal lap siding by James Hardie is beautiful. Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse each have a unique flare with a timeless look that seems to be unstoppable in the Utah market. Transitional architecture is really big right now, along with color blocking. We are seeing more of this across the Wasatch Front than in the past. One of the key elements to look for in architectural design is the community as well as each individual house. The streetscape of a new community tends to either promote or diminish great design and enhance trends.”

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