No matter how you know them — as the Burger Boys, the Williams brothers, or simply by their first names: Chris and Clay — we have the two founders and current owners of JCW’s to thank for Utah Valley’s finest burger.

   The classic American burger is served up in many fast food joints, gourmet restaurants and even on your own backyard grill. So, what sets JCW’s burgers apart from the rest of the patties in Utah Valley?

   Easy — fresh, local ingredients.

   “The perfect burger starts with top-shelf ingredients,” Chris says. “We buy from local suppliers who are experts in their fields. Our hamburger patties are ground fresh daily. Our produce is delivered daily, and our buns are baked daily. We are quality driven.”

   Although it may take a little longer for JCW’s customers to get that steaming hot burger onto their plate, the Burger Brothers choose to have orders cooked right on the spot instead of pre-cooked and waiting for customers — a method that has proven worth the wait for hungry folks in Utah Valley.

   After 41 years of business, Chris and Clay can still be found daily in one of their five locations, ensuring quality control and proper technique in the kitchen. They believe bigger is better and practice this by offering third-pounder burgers in contrast to the basic quarter-pound burgers of most competitors. (Math check! That’s 33% more beef than the generic size!)

   In the end, the two brothers treat their customers like they would treat themselves by providing endless possibilities to their customers’ orders.

   Chris says, “We are customer focused and can make changes to our menu and operations on the fly. If a customer wants something special, we will do everything we can to make that happen.”

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