It takes only two months for a beginner yogi to feel and see a difference in their personal strength, stamina and overall health and wellness, says Holly Draper, the owner and founder of Purify Wellness Center in Pleasant Grove.

   “Purify Wellness Center believes everyone should be trying the great health benefits of yoga, and we encourage everyone in our community to come out and try it!” she says.

    Purify Wellness, which is Utah Valley’s No. 1 choice for Yoga Studio, has all of the bells and whistles for both timid beginners or weekly regulars — Purify offers eight classes to suit the needs of their clients.

   “We don’t know what a person is dealing with when they come through our doors, so we try to help each person — no matter where they are at in their healing journey,” Holly says. “For us it’s not about being the most flexible person in the room or wearing the cutest clothes. It’s about encouraging people to start and stay on a health journey that will bring so many benefits into their lives. We want everyone to feel safe and wanted here.”

   And they don’t stop at yoga classes. Purify Wellness Center is also known for its modern therapeutic methods, including sound baths and light therapy.

Salt Therapy The Himalayan Salt Cave may as well be Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders. Breathing in microscopic pharmaceutical grade salt allows you to engage in salt therapy (also called halo therapy), a practice which helps clear pathogens in the respiratory system. Ce la vie to viruses, bacteria and fungi hiding in sinuses, ears, throat, bronchioles and lungs! While it has been proven to boost the immune system, salt therapy is also ideal for skincare and helps clear up psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Energy Mapping Are you aligned with your chakras? Purify Wellness has a biofeedback device that enables you to measure the body’s energy, which shows a person’s aura, how balanced the chakras are and the energetic strength of every organ in the body. Talk about high-tech!

Sound Therapy Sound therapy is as alleviating as it sounds. In a non-heated yoga room at Purify Wellness, special chroma therapy colored lights and sound therapy equipment is used to ease physical and mental needs. Soundbaths work perfectly for those wanting to balance their mind and emotions, as well as for any who simply need a relaxing moment.

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