Layers Upon Layers
Courtney Rich takes the cake as the nation’s leading cake ambassador, sharing her love of layers on Instagram and on national television shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show and the Today Show. Her podcast is aptly titled “Beyond the Cake,” and her discussions rarely center on batter or icing. With Courtney’s 427,000 followers on Instagram with her brand Cake By Courtney, she has become a voice for both sweet and sour layers of life.

Wanting More
The owner of Q.Noor brings Q.More, a podcast that explores all-things Latter-day Saint. Founder Rosie Card started her career as a model and then became an entrepreneur producing temple dresses and accessories. Rosie is a thought leader on Instagram and dives deep with guests and topics. Got Qs? Here’s more.

Lady First
Join Utah’s First Lady Abby Cox and her friends (including Utah Valley Magazine editor Jeanette Bennett!) for discussions ranging from education to motherhood to mental health and beyond.

Follow The Leaders
Home-centered gospel learning has never had so many resources at our fingertips and earbuds. Podcast hosts Hank Smith and John Bytheway guide listeners through “Come, Follow Me” curriculum by bringing in experts and diving into the back stories of the scripture stories.

Home Sweet Podcast
The general contractor of the homebuilding industry is the Utah Valley Homebuilders Association, and the HBA podcast brings together guests both inside and outside the two-by-fours. With the homebuilding industry reaching new highs and even newer highs, this content is valuable for both industry specialists and homeowners alike.

Hear Her
Women in the Beehive State have never easily fit into nationwide stereotypes. “This Is Her Place” introduces listeners to women famous and forgotten, rich and poor, believers and skeptics, feminists and traditionalists, from all races and every part of the state — and uncovers the unique back stories of how each woman has made Utah her place.

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