40 Under 40: Amelia Powers Gardner


Amelia Powers Gardner
Utah County | Commissioner | Provo | AGE 38

Amelia Powers Gardner made history this year. In April 2021, she was elected as a Utah County Commissioner — the first woman to ever serve in the position. Two years before that, she was elected as Utah County Clerk/Auditor, where she beat out a three-term, 12-year incumbent with 74% of the vote at convention. That position meant Gardner and her team were in charge of the 2020 election for Utah County — work for which they have since received national recognition. Her team has revolutionized processes (i.e. the first end-to-end online marriage license portal in the world) and been laser-focused on solving problems and making a difference.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT The 2020 General Election. Utah County is recognized as a model for how to successfully and securely run elections after our handling of the 2020 General Election, the largest in Utah County history. Before I took office, Utah County was known as “the epicenter of dysfunction.” The turn around is my proudest career accomplishment. LEADERSHIP STYLE Collaborative, Coaching, and Empowering. Determine your goals, work together to develop a plan, trust your team to do their job, coach your team. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH By asking questions and enlisting others when needed. Working with a team of diverse thinkers yields the best results. MAIN MOTIVATION Solving problems. I ran for office to make a difference in our community. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM Spend the rest of my career working with high-performing teams making a difference. I’ve enjoyed the past two years more than I ever imagined, and I’d love to spend the next 20 years doing the same thing.


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