40 Under 40: Austin C. Smith


Austin C. Smith
Savory Fund | Associate | Lehi | AGE 30

Austin Smith is savoring his success. As the company’s first employee (back in 2011 when it was Four Foods Group and operated out of the CEO’s basement), Smith has worked relentlessly as the business has grown from appetizer to “meat and potatoes.” Kneaders. Swig. R&R. Mo’Bettahs. With these top brands, Four Foods Group became one of the fastest-growing restaurant investment companies in the nation. And today? Savory is earning its just desserts with TWO $100 million funding rounds in one year. Smith has been instrumental in all aspects of the Savory business — from operations to real estate to investments — and he impressively earned both his bachelor’s and MBA degrees while doing so.   

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Seeing people I have trained go on to lead other teams and accomplish amazing things. It is incredibly rewarding to see others win! LEADERSHIP STYLE Mentorship. I always try to balance the right amount of friendship with the need for results. I like having personal relationships with people, but I am not afraid to provide feedback — it’s the only way we all learn. WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA While I believe in not having regrets, if I could go back and change something it would be to gain more exposure to different aspects of the business such as marketing and sales. I believe in the concept of range. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH It is always better to have the hard conversations early, as hard conversations do not age well. MAIN MOTIVATION To always feel like I am learning and developing. The times I find the most happiness are when I feel like I am being stretched in my abilities. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To be in a position that allows me to focus on more projects I am deeply passionate about. I have several hobbies that keep me busy, and I would love to create businesses that effect change surrounding my areas of interest.



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