40 Under 40: Caitlin Connolly


Caitlin Connolly
Caitlin Connolly | Artist
Provo | AGE 35

Caitlin Connolly has vision. After graduating in 2009 from the University of Utah with a BFA in painting and drawing, Connolly has passionately pursued her creativity and talent. Driven by a curiosity of femininity, she explores themes of duality and divinity in a variety of mediums and themes. (Her work featuring Heavenly Mother has particularly resonated with LDS audiences.) Her artwork has been shown internationally and is part of both public and private collections. This past spring, Connolly gave voice to that vision with her first TEDx talk.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT I’m always the most excited about what I’m working on in the moment. I’m currently feeling proud of the TEDx talk I recently finished Spring of 2021 and the artwork associated with those concepts that explore the duality of the Light and the Dark. LEADERSHIP STYLE Different assistants I have worked with have told me that maybe I trust them too much. I like the idea of “give them the keys to the car and see what happens.” WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA If I could go back in time I would look for more mentors, especially female mentors, to learn with and from. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH I talk through the problems out loud and ask for feedback. Part of finding the solution is getting it out of me, verbalizing it and making it tangible, and hearing myself say it. The other part is then saying to that person, who can be anyone, “What do you hear me saying and what would you do if you were me?” MAIN MOTIVATION Solving problems. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM Finding a little opening between heaven and earth.



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