40 Under 40: Clark Collings


Clark Collings
Utah Valley University
General Counsel | Orem | AGE 38

He’s a Clark of all trades. As a teenager, Clark Collings was no stranger to the odd job — cleaning limos, operating cardboard balers, and taking customer service calls. In his undergrad days at BYU, he worked full-time in sales at a tech startup that was eventually acquired by DealerTrack. During law school, Collings worked for two bankruptcy trustees and the Attorney General’s office, and after graduating from the S.J. Quinney School of Law at the U of U, he went to work for InsideSales.com, where he advised the company on data privacy matters, M&A deals, and software licensing negotiations. Today, UVU is the place for him. He serves as General Counsel and Secretary to the Board of Trustees where he coordinates the provision of all legal services on campus.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Earning my J.D. I had no business going to law school. I was a terrible student in high school and an average student, at best, as an undergrad. However, I improved incrementally as a student, learning little by little how to academically work hard and smart. My J.D. is a reminder I can continually change for the better. LEADERSHIP STYLE I do my best to practice a Democratic/Affiliative leadership style. I can’t be effective as a leader if I don’t know what motivates people and if I don’t rely on their expertise. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH Sticky notes and whiteboards! I break the problem down into bite sized tasks. I write those tasks on sticky notes and stick them on a whiteboard. I then connect the dots and start picking them off one by one. MAIN MOTIVATION Supporting my family, helping people solve problems, and improving myself all while feeding my curiosity. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I’m living it every day at UVU. I work with funny, intelligent, and compassionate people dedicated to helping students succeed.


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