40 Under 40: Courtney Dyer Anderson


Courtney Dyer Anderson

Spa Trouvé | Founder + CEO | Orem | AGE 39

Glow, baby, glow. In 2011, Courtney Dyer Anderson founded Spa Trouvé with plans to be the “Nordstrom of medical spas.” Ten years later, she’s got five award-winning locations across the state (Orem, Highland, Draper, SLC, and St. George), is a mentor to aspiring entrepreneurs, and is host of The Glow Boss podcast, where she talks to experts across industries and interests. Prior to founding Spa Trouvé, Anderson was Miss Alpine, an accomplished pianist and a graduate of BYU. 

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT So many! The successful open house of our very first location is an event I will never forget. It was amazing winning Top Med Spa for laser hair removal in Utah Valley Magazine and Best Med Spa in SLC two years in a row. And opening five locations within 10 years has been an incredible journey for the brand. LEADERSHIP STYLE I love to empower people and develop leaders. I’m a firm believer that you CAN’T be the smartest person in the room. I believe in being the EXAMPLE to the team of what true leadership is, and not being overbearing. I like others to follow because they WANT to, not because they are FORCED to. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH Take one day at a time. Focus on the GOOD that’s coming from the problem. Try hard to understand the LESSON, as I truly believe life is happening FOR you, and not TO you. Problems are opportunities for growth. MAIN MOTIVATION Obsession with my industry and helping others feel more confident. Making the world a better place and helping others achieve goals they never thought possible. I love people. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To build as many locations as I can across the nation, and to provide jobs that people love, and a place that people LOVE to come to. My vision is big, broad, and infinite.



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