40 Under 40: Diogo Myrrha


Diogo Myrrha
Album | Partner | Lehi | AGE 31

Diogo Myrrha has always seen the bigger picture. When he was a teenager living in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, he was already learning how to “turn profits,” be it with Nike wristbands or a Playstation 3. For schooling, his parents told him if he was accepted to military school, they would deposit 100 Reals (about $20) a month into an account for his future. He studied. Hard. And out of 3,000 students vying for 60 spots, Myrrha ranked #29. Wherever life took him next — Idaho, Brazil, BYU  — Myrrha met every challenge with tenacity, diligence, and smarts. Fast-forward to today, where he is a partner at Album. You know, the VC firm that made early investments in all-stars like Podium, Divvy, Taxbit, Route, and Homie. But even more important to Myrrha than those billion-dollar headlines? Supporting the founders behind them. 

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT To empower founders to realize their vision and support them when others falter. WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA I may have offended some people with some of the aggressiveness in going after the things I believe in. You see, when you are an immigrant, you have nothing to lose. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH There are two types of problems: I obsess over those I can influence, and often will go deep into finding a solution. I will spend days thinking about it, looking for solutions, will dream about them, will think about them during every meal. For those problems I can’t influence, I just worry. Haha. MAIN MOTIVATION The pursuit of greatness. At Album we don’t aim to be the best Utah VC. We aim to be the best VC an entrepreneur can work with. Full stop. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To be able to do what I do for the rest of my life.



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