40 Under 40: Dylan Roeder


Dylan Roeder
Swig | VP of Marketing + Innovation
Lehi | AGE 30

Dylan Roeder is drinking it all in. Halfway through his Business Information Systems program at BYU, he decided to postpone classes and travel the world. After months of country-hopping and a new life perspective, he opened The Soda Shop in Arizona with a life-long friend. They soon partnered with Savory Restaurant Fund in Lehi, merged with Swig, and went from operating two units to 20 overnight. Swig now has 30 shops — with more on the way — and Roeder is the mastermind behind the soda empire’s red hot marketing.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT We did a giveaway to have 125 people win a gold tumbler and free Swig for a year. The project was a massive undertaking that required flawless execution. At the end of the giveaway we had millions of impressions on social media and hundreds of people showed up for an epic scavenger hunt. The project exceeded every expectation. LEADERSHIP STYLE When I was a kid I liked watching infomercials, even though I had no money or intention of buying what they were selling. One product I could never forget was this rotisserie oven. It had a simple timer that let you put in some chicken, turn the dial, and just walk away. The oven wasn’t anything special, but their tagline was awesome: “Set it and forget it.” That phrase encompasses my style. I work thoroughly on the preparation, and then I trust the team and process and “forget it” so we can move on to the next. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH Tough problems are often hard to solve because we don’t take the time to actually understand what’s causing the problem. My approach is asking questions and digging until I get to the root of the issue. MAIN MOTIVATION People and competition. First, I love the incredible and committed people I get to work with. Second, I simply love winning and hate losing. I turn everything into a competition, even if I’m competing against myself. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I want to have a career that puts my family in a position to travel for months at a time and explore the world together.


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