40 Under 40: Jessica Eraso


Jessica Eraso
Gathre | Co-founder | Lindon | AGE 32

Jessica Eraso is gathering up the good — and sharing it along the way. She was a cross country and track & field scholar athlete who studied human development and non-profit management at BYU. She later received her master’s degree in public administration from Kent State University, with an aim to make a difference in the world. After working with non-profits, her creative spirit drove her into the entrepreneurial world. She is a co-founder of Gathre, a DTC ecommerce company focused on making modern leather goods that are as beautiful as they are functional. During the past five years, Gathre has grown from a three-person startup into a multi-million dollar brand with 27 employees.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT I could never understate the feeling of helping and fostering new opportunities for others. Whether that’s for a team member building a career here at Gathre or a mother who is able to be more present with her family because of our products or being an example to other women looking to chase their dreams in an entrepreneurial endeavor without sacrificing their desire to be a mother. Gathre has given me all these opportunities and more; it’s very humbling and sweet. LEADERSHIP STYLE Empathetic leadership. I feel things deeply, so as a leader my natural tendency is to lean into that by building and nurturing my team through genuine care. I thrive when I feel seen, safe, and supported, so that’s all I want for my team. MAIN MOTIVATION People. The empath in me is keenly aware of others and I’ve always strived to measure my impact by the people I serve. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I’d like to start my own non-profit someday. I also have a dream to go back to school and become a lawyer. My dream would be to become a human rights lawyer for the United Nations. 



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