40 Under 40: Jordan Washburn


Jordan Washburn

Fezzari Bicycles | Marketing + Experience Manager
Lindon | AGE 29

Fezzari met Ferrari. Jordan Washburn is no stranger to revved-up brands. His father, Chris, is the founder of Fezzari Bicycles in Lindon, a custom bike shop that has developed a cult following with its unique design, cool technology and one-of-a-kind warranty. Washburn grew up with the business, knows the ins and out, and is responsible for both branding and experience. And his marketing is clearly working — Fezzari bikes are flying out the door and landing on every nearby road and mountain top.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT I am most proud of the relationships I’ve developed, from everyday people to extraordinarily talented people in their respective fields. It amazes me how many people are connected through biking. Athletes, ambassadors, and organizations from around the world. I have had the opportunity to work with brands such as the Utah Jazz, Ford Motor Company, Land Rover, etc., as well as with people like Chris Burkard (world-renowned adventure photographer), Richie Schley (world-famous mountain biker), Kurtis Downs (X-Games Medalist and Nitro Circus athlete), James Lawrence (Iron Cowboy, world-record triathlete), and Ariel Tweto (Discovery Channel TV star and mountain biker). LEADERSHIP STYLE Here at Fezzari, we operate on simple leadership principles of checking our egos, searching for the best ideas, empowering individuals, and creating spaces to expand and grow. We take ownership and don’t pass the buck. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH Breaking them down into small pieces. This is always key for me. I can get overwhelmed when I have too much to do or too big of a project at hand. I try to make little goals so I can achieve and win along the way toward the bigger goal. MAIN MOTIVATION My family, the relationships I’ve built, and my passion for what we do. We are making the world a better place here at Fezzari. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To be fulfilled through my work by helping people each day, and allow myself freedom to spend time with those I care about and do the things I love.



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