40 Under 40: Kainoa Clark


Kainoa Clark
Wasatch Group | Chief Marketing Officer
Provo | AGE 33

Kainoa Clark’s work is totally on brand. He’s spent his career growing and scaling well-recognized brands in a variety of industries. With a background in digital and content marketing, advertising, PR, and branding, he has impacted brands across the globe and worked with celebrities and leaders from every corner. From Super Bowl ads to YouTube’s most viral videos, Clark has gained international recognition for his world-class reputation.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT There are so many moments I would put on the top of my shelf in recognitions and awards, but the best feeling is to have a team and business that is thriving and happy. To share in success is a beautiful thing! LEADERSHIP STYLE ​I am BIG on communication! I am a leader who is transparent in a disciplined way. As much as I thrive on strategy and have built a strong career on adding strategic value to many successful organizations, it’s even more valuable to roll up your sleeves and perform. WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA There was a time in my career where I was too territorial in my responsibilities, and I learned quickly this approach does not help anyone accomplish results. So if I could go back to that role and course correct earlier, I would. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH Good listening and digestion of issues are critical to be able to pave a path forward for clarity. MAIN MOTIVATION Influence and ​my family. There’s something fulfilling about being able to message and promote something that influences others to act … that’s marketing and I love it! I also didn’t grow up with much, and being able to provide experiences and opportunities for the people I love brings me immense joy. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I’m living the dream!



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