40 Under 40: Kate Call


Kate Call
LATES by Kate | Founder
Orem | AGE 38

Kate Call is living the dream. LATES by Kate, her line of pajamas that help you “feel naked when you can’t be,” had a million-dollar launch day and is taking over the Instagram world. LATES has nearly 100k followers on IG, and Call herself has 184k friends who follow along on all her sincere and hilarious adventures. Call’s goal? To make people feel comfortable in their own skin. “It’s been a ‘dream’ ever since,” she says. “Not without a few nightmares intertwined —  ha! — but a dream nonetheless.”

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT  Having my 8-year-old daughter helping me pack and ship our first round of pajamas out of our garage and her telling me she was proud of me. It felt like a huge accomplishment showing my four girls that their dreams can be reality with a whole lot of heart and a whole lot of work. Next would have to be pitching on “Shark Tank” and getting two offers — only to later find out my episode was canceled and not going to air. It was a gut punch for sure. But then we turned around and had a million-dollar launch day without any publicity or help from Shark Tank. It was so validating. Our product is what makes us so great — not validation from a TV show (although we’d gladly let them air it if they ever changed their mind).  Sometimes disappointment is the fuel that puts the fire under you. LEADERSHIP STYLE I love to keep things spontaneous and not too strategic — which sounds opposite of what most business textbooks would teach. But the moment things start to feel too strategic and conventional, I start to lose passion and creativity. MAIN MOTIVATION My main motivator is connections. It makes me wanna do a freaking Barney jump every single time I read a review saying how much they love my pajamas.  It’s an instant connection. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To get every single woman in a pair of these jams so they can experience the magic and feel like they have heaven on their skin. LATES are the closest thing to that, cross my heart.




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