40 Under 40: Kurt Workman


Kurt Workman
Owlet Baby Care | CEO + Co-Founder
Lehi | AGE 32

Kurt Workman is raising this baby right. He co-founded Owlet, creator of the smart sock that monitors a baby’s breathing, while studying chemical engineering at BYU. Since then, he’s spent the past nine years building Owlet from an old race car garage in Utah County to a global company trusted by over 1.5 million parents. Owlet now offers a multitude of products that give parents peace of mind, heart and sleep. They’ve tracked trillions of heartbeats, won industry awards, and announced plans to go public this year after their merger with Sandbridge Acquisition Corporation — resulting in a combined valuation of more than $1.1 billion.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Owlet. LEADERSHIP STYLE I aim to be a leader who provides clarity and generates energy. WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA It’s always hard to see the end from the beginning, especially your first time as an entrepreneur. I would go back and work harder to decipher what really mattered — and what didn’t — so I could better prioritize. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH I’ve always relied on having smart people by my side to help work through tough problems, starting with my co-founders Jordan and Zack. MAIN MOTIVATION The impact is the biggest motivator for me. Working on something I am so passionate about gets me excited to go and do, especially knowing the magnitude of impact Owlet is having — and will continue to have. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM Just as every baby now leaves the hospital in a car seat, I believe in the future, every parent will have access to the tools, training and support right in their home to help keep their children healthy.



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