40 Under 40: Lisa Richards


Lisa Richards
SkinBoss LLC | Founder + Owner
Provo | AGE 38

Give Lisa Richards some skin. Back in 2001, she started Esthetician school while in her second year at BYU. When she graduated a year later, she put college on hold and went all in working esthetics and raising her family. Five years ago, Richards went full boss. She started her SkinBoss business, hired a team of estheticians, offered e-commerce and consulting, opened the SkinBoss SkinSpa at the end of 2019, and launched her first line of SkinBoss products earlier this year.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Bouncing back from temporarily closing a spa in 2020 — 5 months after opening. It was challenging and brought out even more determination and innovation in me. LEADERSHIP STYLE I’m a lead-by-example type of leader. I have and can work in any of the roles of my business, to remain in touch and sympathetic to the experience of each employee. WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA Starting earlier to embrace my unique traits and contributions and being comfortable with putting myself out there. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH “Phone a friend” to get another perspective, which includes others with experience in operating a business at my stage, family members, or my therapist. MOTIVATION Wanting to provide a better experience for clients and the working experience for estheticians. I want to create new ways to improve what we do. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To have the SkinSpa bustling with clients who are experiencing the best skincare has to offer, and expanding and growing the SkinBoss product line.



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