40 Under 40: Madi Murphy


Madi Murphy
The Bad Broadcast | Host + Owner
Provo | AGE 27

Madi Murphy didn’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up. “A pastry chef? A journalist? A lawyer? Maybe a teacher? A professional sports mascot? A mime? I couldn’t ever decide.” Then in January 2020 she took a class on Humor Writing and started an Instagram account called The Bad Broadcast. When Covid hit, and the rest of us were playing Little House on the Prairie by baking sourdough bread, Madi Murphy found her calling — and her voice. (Sorry, mime stans!) She started The Bad Broadcast podcast to “complain and find humor in the mess,” and has since launched her way into drivetime routines and hearts all over town. She has more than 22k followers on Instagram, has partnered with Dear Media, and is the mind behind merch like “Funny For A Girl” tees (poetically inspired by a helpful DM she received from a “fan”).   

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT All of it. Every episode, every download, every connection I’ve made with people who listen. I love it all. Don’t make me tear up! LEADERSHIP STYLE Well, The Bad Broadcast is just me! So I’m a great employee. And a terrible boss. WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA I wish I had started sooner. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH I like to avoid hard things and watch early 2000s chick flicks, and then when the problem has cornered me, I ask for help. MAIN MOTIVATION My cat. Oh and the guy I married. Hi, Matt! ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I want to be President! Just kidding. I just wanna make people giggle.


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