40 Under 40: Michele Rowell


Michele Rowell
Domo | VP, Office of the CEO
American Fork | AGE 37

Michele Rowell was the first employee Josh James hired at Domo, thank you very much. After almost four years of working with him at Omniture and Adobe, James knew Rowell was key to launching his new venture. Ten years later, Rowell has proven an instrumental and indispensable team member, working her way from an administrative assistant to a vice president.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Being at Domo since day one and helping our business go from a startup to being involved with our IPO in 2018, and seeing my picture up on the NASDAQ building in Times Square. LEADERSHIP STYLE Affiliative. I love connecting and bonding with people. WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA I wish I had been more confident in myself and my abilities early on and realized my full potential. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH Look to the future and put everything into perspective. Realize that the problem is most likely temporary — we’ll get through it. MAIN MOTIVATION Financial independence. Being part of an amazing company and working with an incredible executive team. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I tell my boss, Josh James, that I still have at least 40 working years left in me. So my ultimate dream would be to continue to be part of the Domo team and watch the company continue to succeed. I also hope I can in some way inspire people to see that every single employee is important, and that with hard work and dedication you can help a company be successful — even if you aren’t the person running the company.


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