40 Under 40: Prasad Gankanda


Prasad Gankanda
Young Living Essential Oils
Chief Sales + Operations Officer | Lehi | AGE 36

Prasad Gankanda is seriously fly. Born in Sri Lanka, he learned English while attending Trinity College, a Sri Lankan British boarding school. He began pursuing his pilot’s license in high school, and at the age of 19, he packed two suitcases and flew to Logan where he earned a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at USU. He started at Young Living as the Director of Internal Operations, and in just five years progressed to its Chief Global Sales and Operations Officer where his top-notch team spans the globe.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Building a phenomenal team at Young Living. It’s difficult to find people brilliant at what they do but who also magnify those around them. I’m proud of where we’ve landed. LEADERSHIP STYLE Collaborative. 100%. I do much better when I’m surrounded by smart people. We all do! WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH I love bringing a diversity of opinions together to see how we might solve an issue. Success is a team sport! MAIN MOTIVATION Developing diamonds in the rough. I remember in the early parts of my career I was full of ambition, but people were hesitant to take a chance on a recent college graduate. When someone finally gave me a shot, it meant so much to me. I vowed to always be the person who would give up-and-coming talent a chance to shine. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM To build a company where, if I got hit by a bus, it would keep operating efficiently. That’s the dream with anyone who wants to build a company: You hope it grows beyond you.



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