40 Under 40: Rachel Barker


Rachel Barker
Qualtrics | Head of Go-To-Market Strategy + Launch
Provo | AGE 31

Rachel Barker was *thisclose* to being a lawyer. But after listening to a gut feeling during her law school orientation, she pivoted to marketing where she found a true love for product positioning and marketing strategy. Barker has spent the past six years at Qualtrics proving that gut feeling right. From content marketing to growing the Employee Experience to product organization and launches, Barker has helped energize, refine and drive growth at the world-class company.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT I recently launched a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion solution with a team of incredible colleagues who like me, were eager to make a real difference in the world given all the hard events of 2020. Everyone on the team believed in the mission, we all learned how to be better people in the process of doing our jobs, and the end product is changing workplaces around the world in a measurable and meaningful way. LEADERSHIP STYLE I’ve been told I’m direct yet empathetic. I also don’t like to lead from the sidelines — I like to roll my sleeves up and work alongside everyone else. That’s really important to me. WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA I’d spend a lot less time worrying about “success” and instead recognize that if I’m learning, working hard, and enjoying the work, success will come — and it will be the most enjoyable kind of success. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH I love what Simon Sinek says — know why you’re doing something. If I don’t have conviction around the outcome I am working toward, I have a really hard time pushing through the tough times. If I’m struggling in a role or on a project, I try to ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” If the answer isn’t satisfactory, then I recalibrate. MAIN MOTIVATION Learning and people. I want to learn and improve myself while interacting with and/or helping others. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM Someday I’d love to step out of the office and start a small restaurant that sources locally grown food. I love to cook, and being in the restaurant industry seems like a great way to marry my creative side with business.



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