Tiffany Roe
Mindful Counseling + Tiffany Roe LLC
Founding Therapist + CEO | Provo | AGE 37

Tiffany Roe has mental health on the mind. She received her master’s degree in mental health counseling in 2011 and has built her therapy and psychology repertoire doing counseling and teaching behavioral science at UVU. More than 14 years ago she started recovery from her own eating disorder, and she has since dedicated her life to empowering other women to live in line with their calling and purpose. A pioneer in using social media to bring counseling to the masses (long before #therapistsofinstagram was a thing), Roe is focused on changing the way people look at mental health. From podcasting to retreats to dance parties to coaching, the goal is to make mental health accessible, dismantle the stigma, empower the mind, and foster a culture where therapy is cool, cool, cool, cool.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Offering medical benefits to my team of 30+ amazing folks. LEADERSHIP STYLE A mix of authoritative and affiliative. Taking care of my employees is really important to me. WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA I wish I would have started out with strong systems and operating procedures. Trying to systemize everything in my head as I scale has been difficult. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH I’m a therapist first, so we don’t shy away from hard discussions. There’s always a solution, and communication is key. MAIN MOTIVATION I want to change the mental health game and I want flexibility in my personal life. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM I’m doing it — being part of changing the stigma of mental health and making therapy cool!

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