Performing Artist + Athletic Director at American Heritage School | American Fork | AGE 36

Yahosh has many lanes of talent — and he’s putting every last one of them to use. He’s an actor, singer, public speaker, mentor, basketball player, and athletic director at American Heritage School. Hailing from the well-beloved Bonner family (swoon to their music on YouTube), Yahosh has used his voice to spread joy, faith, love, and change. Yahosh is also the Director of Mentorship with the Lift Up Voices Foundation, which  is dedicated to “giving a voice to those who need it,” through community initiatives and outreach programs.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT Starring in the movie “Green Flake,” as Green Flake. It’s a story about an African American pioneer and hero. LEADERSHIP STYLE Participative leadership style. I like collaboration a lot. The more diverse opinions and minds on a project, the better. I love people, so any time I get to interact with others socially or professionally, I am all in! WOULDA-COULDA-SHOULDA I wish I had gone to a few more professional basketball tryouts. WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH I grew up in a praying family. So all hard things — and maybe even not so hard things — I take to God in prayer. MAIN MOTIVATION My family, my own joy, and the relationships I am constantly building. I feel so blessed to be where I am at, and I know I have a responsibility to do what those who came before me have done — to build upon the opportunities I have. I look forward to making large strides for my posterity. ULTIMATE CAREER DREAM Whether it’s acting, singing, athletics, or public speaking, I am looking to help change the narrative! My role in the mission of “Lift Up Voices” is to help change the narrative of the Black community. I want to be a part of that movement and I want to be a bridge to connect all communities in love and brotherhood. My talents are a vehicle for that. Lift Up Voices acknowledges the injustices that have plagued African Americans for generations. It is our mission to provide an outlet for their voices to be heard.


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