Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry nominated for the Chick-fil-A True Inspiration Award


We have good news.  Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry has been nominated for the Chick-fil-A True Inspiration Award for this year.  The award is given to organizations that have significant impact in their communities, particularly to people in need and people of color.  We have more good news. Tabitha’s Way has passed three levels of judging and has been selected as one of six finalists in the West Region which is comprised of the 11 western states.  We are honored to be acknowledged in this way.  There is one more hurdle that must be passed to be selected a winner of the True Inspiration Award and for this…

We need and invite your help.  The winner is selected by vote.  Each year and every year, we have thousands and thousands of individuals and organizations that help us in our fight against local hunger and food insecurity.  They help by volunteering at the pantry or by donating food or money.  Because of their help we have been able to wage a good battle in this war.  Here are some numbers.

We served 77,561 individuals, gathered 2.8 million pounds of nutritious foods, and provided 3.5 million meals in 2020

This year, we will (a) Gather 3 million pounds of food; (b) Serve 85,000 individuals; (c) Provide food assistance to 46,000 people of color; and (d) Feed 40,000 hungry children in our communities

We also provided 2,500 free backpacks for students in need and provided 1600 Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners to needy families.

There are, of course, people and stories, behind the numbers.  Our mission at Tabitha’s Way is to help individuals and families through tough times, by providing temporary food assistance, recommending resources for self-reliance, and helping neighbors help neighbors.   For example, a client came in who had been a professional truck driver by trade and had been involved in an accident with a fatality. He couldn’t bear to drive again. When he came in, he was receiving unemployment, which only covered 60% of his expenses. With the help of the resources we were able to offer him, he went to Turning Point at Utah Valley University. He was able to figure out a new career path and started taking classes. We served him and his family for a few months before he was back on his feet again.

Another client came to us with a hesitancy that is not abnormal.  She said that she had driven by many times before she built up enough nerve to come it.  She had moved to Utah a few months earlier.  Her husband had a “good” job, but it didn’t cover the $2700 monthly expense for the medicine that she and one of her children needed.  They had depleted their savings, and help from their immediate family, and now, desperation caused her to overcome her “shame” to come in for help.  Like almost all of our clients, Tabitha’s Way provided food assistance for about 7 visits or about 10 weeks, and she worked out a solution, thanked us for the help and went on her way.

Clients we serve come to us with a variety of tough times.  Often as we interview them we hear of desperation caused by job loss, surgery, high medical expenses, abandonment, or divorce.  And like over 60% of people in America, they have little savings, and for many of our clients they have a small or equally desperate social network. 

These clients are like hundreds of thousands of Utahans that face problems that can be made easier by Tabitha’s Way or other food pantries. When someone is facing insurmountable challenges, the free food assistance that Tabitha’s Way offers can go a long way in making those challenges more manageable. And helping people get back on their feet.

The donors and volunteers who help us in this mission have shown amazing determination and heart.  Indeed, Tabitha’s Way is “Neighbors who can helping Neighbors in need.” Each year Tabitha’s Way receives over 30,000 hours of volunteer service.  And undergirding these hours of service and these food and financial donations are a variety of reasons.  Over the years, we’ve heard many reasons why they help:  “I was in need once and now I’m paying it back.” “It’s the right thing to do.”  “When we were young, our parents involved us in helping in the community, and now we are doing the same.”  “If people and especially children are hungry, they can’t work or study, or anything.” “It’s an honor to help the elderly and veterans in our town.”  “Because I have been given much…”  “Because I can.” 

There are as many different reasons for why people help as there are reasons for why people find themselves in need.  Hunger and food insecurity are relentless and tricky; they don’t take vacations.  Thank heavens for volunteers and donors who are equally determined.

Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry in Spanish Fork has been helping provide food assistance in south Utah County for 10 years, and in American Fork for north Utah county for 5 years.  Our appreciation and thanks to the grocery stores, donors, and volunteers who have helped for all these years.

Here’s how you can help: 

Vote by:

Sign into your Chick-fil-A App account or create one (No Purchase Necessary)

Select ‘Rewards’ at the bottom of the screen

Select ‘News’ on the top left of the screen

Click the ‘Vote Now’ button

Select “WEST”region

Cast your VOTE for Tabitha’s Way Local Food Pantry between September 4th -September 25th!

Share or post this note and invite others to vote.

Volunteer Or donate directly online at

Your Vote could help us win, and if we win. we will receive a check that will help us provide hundreds of thousands of nutritious meals for neighbors in need in our local communities. Thank you!


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