University Place food court has sit-down quality with gourmet burgers and chai tea


When thinking of fun places to dine and eat out, the University Place Mall in Orem is probably not at the top of your “must try” list. However, I recently discovered two fabulous reasons to stop and enjoy a casual time at the food court.  I know, I know — not what you expect from Mary’s usual hot spots, but these two places are right next to each other and well worth the trip.

   I have gone to the Jewelry Doctor in the mall for years to repair my jewelry. I was walking through the food court on my way to that store when I saw my good friend who owned the Jewelry Doctor behind the counter at a new burger place. I said, “I’m on my way to see you, but what are you doing selling burgers?” He told me it had been a long-time dream to open Bunz Gourmet Burger, which would feature his own creation, The Schmear Burger,  among other creative quality burgers.

   I figured it at least deserved a try, and oh was I surprised! This incredibly high quality beef burger is topped with bacon and schmeared with his own unique blend of cream cheese and a delicious bun. The bun is always important to me, as I hate to have a bun that disintegrates in my hands so that by the end I’m holding the burger with my fingers and no bun. Definitely not the case here! Another must-try is the rosemary fries … sooo good! I’m anxious to sample the other offerings like Buncheese burger, pastrami burger, and their homemade banana bread — yeah, go figure at a burger joint!

   While enjoying your burger, stop next door at Chat Chat serving chai tea and tons of other tasty concoctions. I love chai tea with almond milk, and all of their milk offerings are non-dairy. There are so many choices and the regular customers know just what they want, so don’t be intimidated to ask for tips in selecting your custom creation. The staff are super helpful and will gladly guide you to your new favorite combination. 

   Chai tea has many health benefits, but I stay away from the traditional addition of boba, which are large balls of tapioca … yeah, kind of changes my usual great experience with chai tea.

   Until next time, remember to fill your life with scrumptious food and joy!


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