INDUSTRY Sanitation

WEBSITE ZehnXWipes.com

FOUNDERS Mike McKinzie, 57; Scott Pinckney, 32; Kody Curtis, 33

THE COMPANY A formulator/manufacturer of sanitizing wipes and accessory products for commercial/home/personal use.

BRIGHT SPOTS Talk about a clean green sweep. Zehn-X is innovating the sanitizing industry with stellar smells and earth-friendly products. Not only has the timely company become a multi-million dollar operation in two short years, but it was also named the official licensed product of the PGA Tour.

1. “Become the leading brand for sanitizing products in the fitness club industry.”

2. “Become a top manufacturer of custom products for the business promo and marketing industry.”

3. “Reduce our environmental impact.”

ADVICE “Put in the time and effort, make sacrifices, and never lose sight of your goals.”

THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “Our first multimillion-dollar order that came through shortly after the pandemic hit last year. That one order was a reminder to never dream too small.”

SHINING MOMENT “Early on, we saw that product overseas was in short supply so we took a risk and purchased excess amounts of raw materials. When China shut down, many businesses were no longer able to get product. But we were able to help people and businesses protect themselves against the virus and fight the pandemic head on.”

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