CITY Provo



INDUSTRY Technology

WEBSITE Qualtrics.com

FOUNDER Ryan Smith, 43

THE COMPANY An enterprise platform that organizations use to collect, manage and act on experience data.


1. The headline may be a repeat — but it never gets old: Qualtrics Makes History. In January 2021, the Provo company completed their initial public offering — the largest IPO in Utah’s history.

2. In 2019, history was made when Qualtrics sold to SAP for $8 billion, the largest private enterprise software acquisition of all time.

3. In 2020, Qualtrics revenue was $764 million. This year, their revenue is on track to surpass $1 billion.

4. 1,800 of Qualtrics’ employees work at Provo HQ — and they plan to add another 1,000+ in the next 5 years.

5. Qualtrics established 5 For The Fight, a global movement to eradicate cancer — $5 at a time.

SHINING MOMENT “During the pandemic, we launched 15 new software tools to help government, businesses, and schools manage Covid-19,” says CCO Gina Sheibley. “Officials used our software to help reopen schools, contact trace, turn vaccines into vaccinations, and get people safely back to work. These solutions have been used by more than 12,000 brands and in 55,000 projects across all 50 states and in over 90 countries.”

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