CITY American Fork
INDUSTRY Fashion/eCommerce
WEBSITE BalticBorn.com
FOUNDERS Marianne Liljenquist, 29; Angela Liljenquist, 32; Allison Hunt, 35
THE COMPANY A direct-to-consumer women’s clothing company.

BRIGHT SPOTS Baltic Born is dressed to impress. What started as a “hobby” has grown into a multi-million dollar clothing empire with hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

1. “Exceed $100 million in annual sales by 2023.”
2. “Expand our brand presence globally.”
3. “Expand our product portfolio to fulfill more of our customer’ needs: beauty, wellness, men’s apparel, etc.”

ADVICE “Never quit if it’s something you’re passionate about. Take pride in your communication strategy. Make sacrifices.”

THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “Taking the time to truly understand our customer, who they are, and why they see value in the brand we are building.

SHINING MOMENT “The first was when we exceeded 1 million products sold since launching the business. The second was buying a 16,000-square-foot office space in Silicon Slopes to keep up with the growing demand for our brand. We will be moving into our new HQ in 2022!”

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