INDUSTRY X-ray imaging

WEBSITE TurnerXRay.com

FOUNDER D. Clark Turner, 60

THE COMPANY A developer of X-Ray imaging technologies with portability, workflow, acquisition, wireless, and battery capabilities.

BRIGHT SPOTS Turner Imaging Systems has the X-factor: Not only are they raising capital and growing in a flash, they are the creators of the Smart-C — the world’s first battery-powered, wireless, hyper-portable, mini c-arm providing high quality digital fluoroscopic imaging.


1. “Grow revenues from $2M per year to $50M per year.”
2. “Develop a higher power device for full-body imaging.”
3. “Develop a low-cost 3D device that provides ‘in-office’ equivalent to a CT scanner.”

THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010 there were tens of thousands of people killed. I had doctors phoning my office to see if they could image crushed bones with my portable dental X-Ray device. That device was underpowered for medical use, so I knew I needed to develop a battery-powered field portable medical X-Ray system.”

SHINING MOMENT “Getting FDA clearance is certainly the most validating moment for the company.  But when our device was used for the first time on the sidelines of a BYU football game, it was great to know our technology was making a difference for the team!”

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