CITY Lindon



INDUSTRY eCommerce

WEBSITE Gathre.com

FOUNDER Marilee Killpack, 33; Devin Killpack, 37; Jessica Eraso, 32

THE COMPANY A direct-to-consumer eCommerce company that sells modern leather goods.

BRIGHT SPOTS Gather round. This story begins with a leather mat that was designed to be a portable place for families to gather on the go. Six years and a variety of products later, Gathre has become an ecommerce destination and community where function meets beauty. (And the original leather mat is still the No. 1 bestseller.)

1. “Branching out into the furniture and the home goods space.”
2. “Continue to grow our A+ team.”
3. “ We have our eyes set on some big collaborations in the future.”

ADVICE “Keep your priorities straight. If those are correct, everything else falls into place. Also, chocolate.”

THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “A big one was in 2017 when we had a breakout year and realized this could actually become something.”

WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Our mission to connect families, my incredible business partners, and my own little family.”

SHINING MOMENT “We always say this, but we are most proud of the people we get to work with. They are family to us, and it’s an honor to work with them everyday.”

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