CITY Pleasant Grove



INDUSTRY Dental/software

WEBSITE DentalIntel.com

FOUNDER Weston Lunsford, 42

THE COMPANY A software provider that tracks, analyzes and automates dental practices.

BRIGHT SPOTS Dental Intelligence is positively beaming. They did over $21 million in sales last year, they acquired LocalMed and Modento, and more than 8,000 dental practices use their software to smartly grow their practices.

1. “Help create opportunities for dentists to provide 50 million smiles.”
2. “Grow revenue 40% each year over the next three years.”
3. “Double our employee headcount and create more jobs.”

ADVICE “Be passionate about the service or product you provide. Make sure you take care of your customers so they want to be life-time buyers!”

THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “Realizing there was no solution for our problem in the dental industry — so we created it.”

WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Helping team members and solving problems in dental offices every day.”

SHINING MOMENT “Being able to provide the assistance and clarity that was needed during the pandemic.”

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