CITY Provo



INDUSTRY Private equity

WEBSITE Tesani.com

FOUNDER Travis Hansen, 43

THE COMPANY A holding company that starts, buys, and invests in companies.

BRIGHT SPOTS Tesani knows when to hold ‘em. Their portfolio of companies includes an HR software platform for small- and medium-sized businesses; an award-winning fintech company aimed to provide credit to those in financial need; a team of experts who specialize in strategy, design, and custom software development; a real estate firm specializing in multi-family apartment properties; and a non-profit — Sunshine Heroes Foundation — that has built 10 projects around the world helping children and families in health and education.

1. “Be grateful every day.”
2. “Solve interesting problems.”
3. “Be genuinely kind and take time to help people along the way.”
4. “Don’t have fun. Be fun.”

ADVICE “Build an A+ team. Be disciplined. Be focused.”

THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “A lunch meeting with Blake Roney.”

WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “My fear of regret.”

SHINING MOMENT “Built 10 children’s centers around the world, met amazing people, made new friends, traveled around the world, solved interesting problems, and enjoyed the ride.”

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