CITY Pleasant Grove



INDUSTRY Data analytics/privacy software

WEBSITE ObservePoint.com

FOUNDER John Pestana, 47

THE COMPANY A provider of automated digital analytics testing and tag governance.

BRIGHT SPOTS Let’s observe, shall we? Powerful leadership, top tech, 300+ enterprise customers, $15+ million in sales in 2020, world-class clients, and innumerable awards. #pointtaken

1. “Continue to build products that deliver great customer experience.”
2. “Build a happy workplace where employees feel respected and needed.”
3. “Be a positive force in our community.”

THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When I was at Omniture, the biggest problem we had was customers keeping our product implemented in a complex web environment. This problem exists for thousands of technologies and the millions of companies that use them. We want to help ensure the digital customer experience is great.”

WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Every day I am excited to help people. Our customers rely on us, and that lights a spark in me.”

SHINING MOMENT “A new platform launch we had in June. We had worked for a year on updating our data infrastructure and reporting. It is now live and our customers are loving it.”

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