CITY Pleasant Grove




WEBSITE Whistic.com

FOUNDER Juan C. Rodríguez, 40

THE COMPANY A provider of proactive vendor security software.

BRIGHT SPOTS A UV50 Startup to Watch in 2020, Whistic has whisked its way to a win once again. The vendor security software company has raised $16 million in funding and is trusted by the greats: Airbnb, Qualtrics, Moveworks and more.

1. “We will become the premier vendor security network.”
2. “We will continue our growth while maintaining our culture — aka Whistic DNA.”
3. “Our product development will continue to ramp up.”

ADVICE “A lot of founders talk about how they wish they would have enjoyed more work-life balance. I completely disagree. I say grind away; if you can’t handle the workload and the pressure then this game isn’t for you. However, I don’t believe that level of pressure should be pushed down to the team. Employees do need work-life balance because for them it’s a job and they have many options out in the workplace. To build a great team you need to find that balance very quickly.”

WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “I’m an engineer, so hard problems motivate me. I doubt that will ever change.”

SHINING MOMENT “We’ve been able to maintain our culture amidst tremendous growth.”

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