No. 6 Fastest-Growing Companies: Dynamic Blending



CITY Vineyard



INDUSTRY Cosmetic manufacturing


FOUNDER Gavin V. Collier, 38

THE COMPANY A full turn-key contract manufacturer of private label cosmetics.

BRIGHT SPOTS Our No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company last year is still growing strong with dynamic partnerships, $13.3 million in sales, and a 120,000-square-foot footprint.

1. “Add additional capabilities (i.e. equipment).”
2. “Hit $7 million EBITDA within the next 1.5 years.”
3. “Continue to grow our customer base.”

ADVICE “Most companies go out of business during extreme growth due to their inability to manage it. Build a team that can manage it carefully.”

THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When we decided to lower our Minimum Order Quantities. We discovered a large segment of customers were denied the opportunity to manufacture their product because they only wanted 1,000 units. We created an area within our facility to service those smaller customers. This opened the door to them and to us. The big companies like to start small, too, which allowed us to grow certain brands together.”

SHINING MOMENT “When we hit our 100th employee hire. We built Dynamic from the ground up and often worked until 3 and 4 a.m. To see our company mature to that point made all the suffering worth it.”


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