CITY Provo



INDUSTRY Employee engagement/awards

WEBSITE Award.co

FOUNDER Steve Sonnenberg, 40

THE COMPANY An employee recognition software platform partnered with Amazon Business.

BRIGHT SPOTS Y’all better recognize. This former No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company is keeping the awards coming by seamlessly partnering with Amazon Business, doing $50 million in sales last year and revolutionizing the recognition industry.

1. “Recognize the good and reward the value we bring to each other.”
2. “Organize the world’s incentive spend through increased growth and capabilities. We’ll measure this by how much money in redemptions we process each year. We want to process $1B a year in the near future.”
3. “Build a strong global presence in EMEA, LATM, and APAC regions.”

ADVICE “Build a 3-year financial model. It will always be wrong, but as you work weekly to understand it, you’ll continue to build something solid.”

THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When we decided to start building something that could integrate with Amazon. Before that we were doing things like other recognition companies. When we innovated and had big dreams, that’s when the light went off for me.”

WHAT LIGHTS A FIRE UNDER YOU? “Failure. And I’ve failed a lot.”

SHINING MOMENT “It’s coming in the next few months. Let’s see if I can Babe Ruth it!”

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