No. 7 Startups to Watch: Grit Marketing




EMPLOYEES 7 corporate, along with 400 sales reps

INDUSTRY Sales/pest control


FOUNDERS John Taylor, 27; Ben Egan, 28; Josh Nilsen, 29; Garth Massey, 29

THE COMPANY A sales and recruiting organization that trains reps for the pest control industry.

BRIGHT SPOTS Grit Marketing is getting down and gritty. Founded last year, the company — which just became an exclusive servicing partner to Aptive Environmental — will do more than $31 million of top-line revenue in its first year of business. It has over 400 sales reps, and is on track to have 700+ in 2022.

1. “Service $100 million in 2022.”
2. “Have a $950+ average contract value in 2022.”
3. “Have 800+ reps get a sale in 2022.”

ADVICE “Do things that make sense. Be gritty.”

THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT “When we narrowed down our ‘why,’ which is: To have a big impact on as many people as we can both current and future; to specifically impact our leaders and core group; and to build a Jim Collins ‘Built to Last’ company that has a massive impact on the industry and the state of Utah.”

SHINING MOMENT “Seeing the positive impact we as a company have had on hundreds of individuals and their families. That’s why we do what we do.”


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