No. 8 Startups to Watch: Ethik Collective



CITY Provo


INDUSTRY Wholesale/handmade goods


FOUNDERS Melissa Sevy, 37

THE COMPANY A wholesale platform that enables conscious companies to source ethical handmade goods from artisans around the world.

BRIGHT SPOTS Ethik has a mantra: DSTA. “Don’t screw the artisan.” With that meaningful mindset the company hit more than $1 million in sales its first year and is changing the corporate gifting world for the better.

1. “Onboard 50 artisan groups onto our platform by the end of 2021.”
2. “Double our 2020 revenue.”
3. “Create a self-serve option for our customers.”

WHAT LIGHTS YOUR FIRE? “I heard from one of our artisan groups — olive woodworkers in Palestine. They are in the heart of Bethlehem. With tourism to the Holy Land completely wiped out due to Covid, workshops were on the brink of closing down. At that critical time we placed an order of several thousand olive wood items, and one of the group’s reps told me, ‘It was as if this order fell from the sky.’ It enabled them to stay open and feed their families. Hearing stories like this motivates me to keep at it.”


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