Co-host of KUTV Fresh Living, Elora interviews performers, entrepreneurs and creatives. Before becoming a local TV personality, Elora worked for Radio Disney, hosted a lifestyle show in Massachusetts, covered the Tony Awards in NYC and Wimbledon in London, and has had speaking and hosting engagements in Canada, Spain, London, Texas, Orlando and Louisiana. This BYU grad uses social media to connect with others who have anxiety and mental illness. Her goal is to spread hope and create community. On the side, Elora owns and runs EM Content Marketing Consulting, which helps companies grow their social reach from thousands to millions.

Game of Life I wake up and immediately text my fiance. (How cheesy am I?) I pick my outfit for Fresh Living and head to the station. I go over my script, do my hair, then joke with my co-workers, and head to the studio to meet the guests. Once I’ve finished the show we film TikToks, work on social media and record our podcast “Fresh Off The Set.” After that, I head home, exercise and eat chocolate. I look through social media to stay on top of trends, and I share mental health content. 

Roll the Dice Two of the best surprises of my life are my engagement and getting my job at Fresh Living.

Get a Clue I was a dance major, and then I got hurt. I knew I loved storytelling, so I transitioned from telling stories through movement to telling stories through reporting. Lifestyle hosting was a natural fit for me because it encompasses food, fashion, family, fitness and so much more. I have spent years in marketing and content creation — creating content for brands is a way to tell stories as well.

Catchphrase “Are you OK?” and “Everyone has a story worth telling.”

Full Deck Why do I have so many swimsuits and sunglasses when Utah is landlocked?

Monopoly on Humor I have to be careful on the show not to blow out the mic with my booming laugh. Quoting “The Office” sends me into giggle fits.

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