As Executive Director of the Department of Government Operations in Gov. Cox’s Cabinet, Jenney oversees 1,300 employees in nine divisions. Prior to being appointed to her downtown SLC gig in January 2021, Jenney was mayor of Cedar Hills — in fact, she won Best of State for her role as mayor in 2020. But Jenney isn’t just a government guru. She was chief of staff for MediConnect Global and has a bachelor’s in business management and a master’s in public administration. A self-proclaimed introvert, Jenny is known for handling difficult situations with care. “As mayor, I learned the way I communicated really mattered. My goal was to be transparent and to respond respectfully. Even those who disagreed with me appreciated an opportunity to engage in a way that wasn’t confrontational,” she says.

Game of Life Every day is different. With nine different and distinct divisions, I spend a lot of time meeting with members of my team to discuss issues and opportunities. We have been tasked by Gov. Cox and LG Henderson to streamline and modernize state government, so a big part of that is understanding how we do things now and developing strategies for improving services.

Full Hand I keep reading glasses all over the house so I never have to search long to find a pair so I can enjoy a good book from my large built-in bookcase.

Roll the Dice One of the best surprises of my life was getting a call from Gov. Cox to join his cabinet. Being asked to take on the task of consolidating agencies and leading this department was humbling, terrifying, and exciting.

Hungry Hippos I love the enchiladas rancheras at Maria Bonita’s in Orem. So delicious!

Game On Poetry for Neanderthals is fun for the whole family, and we laugh at how silly everyone sounds.

Life Hack I save money by having groceries delivered so I don’t impulse shop.

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