Kent has never seen an emergency he didn’t have a calm approach for. His current life prescription includes being CEO at Mountain Point Medical Center in Lehi. He has built two hospitals and employs a grassroots approach in his leadership style and community involvement. Kent is also known for his volunteer service as director of the Point of the Mountain Chamber of Commerce. His full slate begins before 7 a.m. each morning at the hospital. His daily rounds include engaging with his hospital teams, collaborating with corporate headquarters, and coordinating with community service organizations. He returns home by 5:30 p.m. to be with his family — his favorite part of the day.

Life Hacks Hard things are doable. Being a leader and administrator is always challenging, ever changing. Challenges are opportunities for one to become more refined. 

Monopoly on Humor I love watching my children interact with each other.

Game of Life Marrying Wendi was a turning point for me. I became more responsible!

Game On I love Ticket To Ride because you have to think strategically.

Catchphrase “Daylight is burning. Let’s get going!”

Full Deck I have a lot of old motorcycles.

Hungry Hippos This might come as a surprise, but I love the Burrito Supreme at Taco Bell.

Ticket to Ride In the future, i see myself continuing as president of the hospital.

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