Lieutenant Tom Hodgson has been serving in the Utah County Sheriff’s Office for more than 35 years. When he walked into the Utah Valley Magazine offices for his photo shoot, two staff members recognized him and shared stories of his heroic acts they had witnessed first hand. Although others call him a hero, he says the highlight of his award-filled career was starting “Shop with a Cop” in Utah County, which takes underprivileged children on a shopping spree for Christmas. Last year the “Shop with a Cop” program provided aid to 240 local children.

Draw Four We are often faced with split-second decisions and must make the correct one. There are challenges to working with people who don’t care for law enforcement, or who have had a negative experience with an officer. Sometimes, good people make mistakes. I am not one to judge. I haven’t walked in their shoes or had their life experiences.

Twister Some have the perception that law enforcement officers don’t care about people. I see officers and deputies do phenomenal things every day.

Turning Point Prior to law enforcement, I was a journeyman boilermaker. I helped build power plants in several states. I enjoyed that work but the time away from home became tiresome. From a young age, I had always had an interest in law enforcement. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, so here we are.

Hungry Hippos My favorite is Ruby River. It’s hard to beat a ribeye steak!

Catchphrase “You betcha” or “Are you serious!”

Full Hand I have an extensive Coca-Cola collection, and I also collect challenge coins and police patches. I love antiques. My wife uses the term “hoarder.” Hmmm …

Monopoly on Humor So many things make me laugh. Maybe it’s something someone says to me on a traffic stop, maybe it’s watching an animal, or perhaps just sharing time with family or friends. I laugh at myself!

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