Fab40: Rachelle Rutherford


Rachelle is the CEO of Kids on the Move, owner of Elevated 1031, and was crowned Mrs. Utah United States in 2016. She’s also the mother of six and has three degrees. (She took a limo to the airport immediately following her MBA graduation to celebrate at Disneyland.) But Rachelle’s life didn’t start with crowns and C-suites. She woke up in the hospital at 17 after a suicide attempt and decided to partner with God on creating her life — which she knew had to include education. She raised her children while working full-time and attending night school for 11 years. “On the move” has been her lifetime mantra.

Game of Life My mornings consist of meditation and exercise before sending 5 children out the door to school. I spend the rest of my day as CEO of Kids On The Move supporting 212 employees with services that support 2,700 young children with special needs and their families. In the evening, I spend time coaching a freshman girls basketball team at American Heritage School.

Roll the Dice My life began the day I married my best friend, Scott. He has survived two cancer diagnoses.

Twister Some people don’t understand why I competed for Mrs. Utah America when I had already been Mrs. Utah United States. The Mrs. Utah America, Mrs. America and Mrs. World provide a title and platform that give women a voice. I am passionate about defending innocence of children. My message just happens to be delivered with a business suit, swimsuit and evening gown. If that gets the message across, so be it.

Catchphrase My children would say my common phrase is, “I am on my way.” (Laughing)

Full Deck I have an above average amount of evening gowns. I wish there were more parties to wear them to!

Ticket to Ride I plan to expand services at Kids on the Move and write an autobiography that instills a message of hope, healing and happiness.


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