Shelaine and her husband, Derek Maxfield, have a gorgeous success story with the makeup company Younique. But the accomplishment that is the prettiest to Shelaine is the nonprofit foundation that the makeup company was created in order to fund. Originally called the Younique Foundation, Saprea exists to liberate individuals and society at large from child sexual abuse and its lasting impacts. At the weeklong retreats, women are given tools, friendships and skills to overcome their past traumas. One of the activities involves the art of Kintsugi, where broken bowls are repaired to become stronger and more beautiful (Shelaine brought one to the photo shoot). Being part of the healing process for thousands of women is fulfilling a promise the Maxfields made to a dying friend. Shelaine is the visionary and board chair of Saprea, and she is also raising five children.

Twister Derek got diagnosed with leukemia shortly after we were married. I spent many nights crying and praying while he stayed in the hospital suffering. The two of us are so thankful for that opportunity and wouldn’t change a thing about it. We learned very quickly that life is a gift and each day of it is precious.

Full Deck I have collected a lot of LDS Temple schedules — I’ve been to 137 around the world!

Life Hack It is worth the time to bundle an entire kids outfit together into packets. It makes mornings and packing for trips so much easier.

Game On Derek and I have a passion for lifting others. I’m learning Portuguese because I love Brazilians.

Clue Derek arranged a surprise birthday party for me last year. He had the guests do an act of service and write it down. I treasure the jar of beautiful notes.

Game of Life Several years ago I realized I’d spent the majority of my life living below my potential. I concluded that I have a big heart, I’m willing to serve and I want to be a blessing. These traits might not look impressive on a resume, but I believe they are gifts God gave me so I can life MY life with purpose. Everything changed for me after that.

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