Fab40: Spencer Fluhman


Spencer says everything in his life is a footnote to meeting and falling in love with his wife, Hollie (who was in our Fab 40 two years ago). Together, the duo-author couple spreads love, acceptance and research. Spencer’s “footnotes” include a PhD in history from the University of Wisconsin (#GoBadgers), and publishing a history book with the University of North Carolina Press. Spencer was the editor-in-chief of Mormon Studies Review’ for six years, and Claremont Graduate University hosted Spencer as a visiting professor of religion in 2015. Spencer was named the executive director of BYU’s Neal A. Maxwell Institute in 2016. Most recently, Spencer was the visiting distinguished professor of Mormon Studies at The University of California — Santa Barbara. But his greatest lessons come from raising 4 children with Hollie.

Game of life My typical day is filled with meetings, memos, emails and — if I’m lucky — some reading, editing or even writing. I punctuate that work flow with running. Lots and lots of running.

Get a Clue I have had amazing mentors at every stage. They helped cultivate my love of intellectual life and the worlds of words and ideas. They showed me how to turn those passions toward others, too, so I could become an engaged mentor.

Hungry Hippos My favorite local restaurant? Communal … that butterscotch pudding! Sweet mercy.

Full Hand I have a loooot of Air Jordans. My shoe game is somewhere between “strong” and “very strong.”

Twister I’m surprised to like green olives in midlife. Didn’t see that one coming.

Draw Four I’ve dealt with chronic pain for more of my adult life than I’d wish on anyone. It’s taught me to withhold judgment … we never know what folks are dealing with that we can’t see.

Ticket to Ride I’m a restless soul and need new mountains to climb every few years.


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